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The Mayfair Magazine April 2014

I wrote the style pages for The Mayfair Magazine (Runwild Media Group). Please click on the individual images to see the full text.


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Profile: Paul Hood, Head Chef at Social Eating House

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Down the dimly-lit stairs, through the jacquard quilted curtain under the ‘employees only’ metal signpost, and in to the kitchen of the restaurant that has just been awarded an unprecedented Michelin star. 34-year-old Coulsdon born Paul Hood, head chef and partner of Social Eating House, is mucking in with the supper preparations, and unlike other celebrity chefs’ styles, this kitchen oozes a spell-like calm. Upstairs, despite the lunch service being over, the crowds are still nursing their ‘Cereal Killer’ cocktails (using coco pops milk, complete with a candy cane striped straw), alongside the remnants of baked curried hake smeared on the china white plates. At a first glance Hood looks like your average 30-something man; But his culinary creations are far from ordinary, as the Michelin star would suggest.

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Review: The Big Easy

This piece is taken from my personal blog. Click here to see more. 


If there’s a restaurant that requires you to wear a bib, you’ll be sure to find me first in line, particularly if the bib has a decorative lobster printed on it. Aside from being a big chubby baby in a high chair, the first place I can remember having to wear one, was in Provincetown, Cape Cod. I love the whole ritual and the rights that come with the bib. It signposts shelly, saucy anarchy, where eating the claw meat from a lobster like a Greek goddess with a bunch of grapes, is perfectly acceptable. This is why I was so excited for The Big Easy Bar.B.Q & Crabshack to open in Covent Garden.

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